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In the academic world, no matter how interesting your conclusions are, you’re not serving your students well if your presentation of those conclusions is boring. That’s where data visualization via the new iDashboards Academic Edition comes in. Created exclusively for professors and your upper level and graduate students, the Academic Edition is designed to help bring disparate data sets to life in colorful, compelling and interactive dashboards.

A free download, the iDashboards Academic Edition is easy to learn and employ. With its intuitive design and drag-and-drop interface, the Academic Edition can quickly be integrated into your programs. Most importantly, the insights you and your students will discover can have a substantial impact on their course of study.

“In my Master’s classes, I emphasize that if you want to get into management, you have to get the board of directors’ attention, find the main objectives, research your competition and use services like iDashboards to prove your point through data visualization,” said Academic Edition participant Harry Hurley, professor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. “It’s amazing when students apply these factors to their final presentation and take on the role as if they were presenting to a real board of directors.”

The Academic Edition provides an easy way to create custom dashboards to fit any project. It also offers:

  • Access to chart, graph and map elements
  • Fast and easy data collection
  • Viewable on mobile and tablet devices

Data is a driving force in the classroom and the boardroom. Data visualization is the most effective and efficient way to glean insights from the great influx of data within the academic world. Bring data visualization into your classroom and your students’ presentations with a free download of the iDashboards Academic Edition.

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