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Many healthcare systems have begun collecting mass amounts of data about patients, services and employees. This data can be used to improve efficiency and patient care, but it can be difficult for healthcare organizations to muddle through thousands of numbers to understand how best to address key performance indicators (KPIs).

Located in Columbia, MO, Boone Hospital Center (a part of BJC HealthCare) provides progressive healthcare programs, services and technology to people in 25 mid-Missouri counties. With nearly 400 beds and a 24-hour emergency center, the hospital boasts more than 2,000 employees and 350 physicians on the medical staff.

The HR department at Boone had collected data for several of their KPIs, such as turnover, premium pay, vacancy postings and other core HR metrics. However, they lacked the ability to quickly access their data and leverage it to identify trends or patterns. Boone’s HR department needed a convenient, comprehensive way to gather all of their data into one central location for decision-makers to utilize. It needed to be easy to use, could connect to their existing data sources and would allow them to drilldown into key metrics.

After vetting several potential solutions, Boone identified the iDashboards Enterprise Full Suite as the best product for them. Our healthcare dashboards solution allows Boone to connect multiple data sources, including existing Excel workbooks, into one hub—creating one central source for data. Boone also appreciated how user-friendly, flexible and dynamic our product is, while still providing the ability to effectively drill-down into key metrics like turnover and vacancy postings to identify trends or patterns that need to be addressed.

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Another positive point was that Boone didn’t have to rely on their internal IT team to generate additional code to drive information through the healthcare dashboards—the head of the HR department was able to manage the process autonomously. The IT team only needed to be involved when server space was needed.

Instead of having several separate data sources, our Enterprise solution allows Boone to successfully pull their data into one central location that can be accessed by employees and decision-makers alike. The ability to drilldown into important data also allows decision-makers to immediately identify patterns or trends that can impact operations—ultimately leading to better decision-making capabilities.

Boone knows they have just begun seeing and utilizing the benefits of their healthcare dashboards and plan to further leverage them in the coming months as a tool to help achieve department-wide business goals—with the possibility of rolling out iDashboards within other departments of the health center in the coming years.

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