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Make Your Corporate Office Art Captivating with Dashboard Displays!

office wall displaysWhat kind of art is currently taking up expensive space on your office walls? Inspirational paintings? Quotes? City landmarks, modern art, employee accolades, company event photos, company awards? For every kind of workspace we share – from corporate offices to call centers to production floors – there’s a type of art meant to inspire, calm or simply communicate the company’s values.

Yet, no matter what message a company is trying to send, there’s one conclusion that it’s probably fair to make: after seeing the art on the office wall just one time, employees and customers may not ever notice it again. In fact, only its absence will be enough to evoke any response at all. Our subconscious filters out extraneous information. And nothing is so expendable, so fit to be lost in the background, as most office art.

dashboard displaysArt Dashboards

Why waste all that valuable space with forgettable art? Today, with LCD display technology so affordable, and dashboard software so readily available, it’s possible to easily create a continuously updated dashboard wall display that compels attention while communicating key information. It’s art that’s as immediately relevant as it is interesting. And it’s a great way to communicate your company’s underlying values – that your company is modern, innovative and embraces the future.

The decision of what to display is as varied as the types of information you can display on a dashboard. Team metrics, customer maps, new employee announcements, employee awards, top sales performer scorecards, videos and any other digital content are all good candidates. In fact, there are some within the business world who believe that data visualization can be as artistic and engaging as the art you might hanging in a museum, according to a recent Time magazine cover story.

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intelligent-wall-art-mapHistoric Paintings Are a Thing of the Past

Content can be updated daily or weekly, and many of the metrics can even be real-time. For example, sales for the current period, number of calls made and sales in the pipeline can all be displayed in real-time when connected to respective origination systems, such as a CRM program or phone system.

In the main lobby or customer-facing areas, you can also install separate customer-oriented intelligent displays. Relevant content might include customer wait times, marketing announcements, current promotions, new product releases, product videos, customer testimonial videos, company awards, media coverage, etc. The advantage of a dynamic dashboard solution is that it can provide informative real-time information mixed with beautiful artwork in a slideshow presentation, keeping the display interesting without making it too self-serving.


Reach Out and Touch It

Touch-sensitive displays can provide yet another level of interactivity. For example, a user can click on specific graphics to drill down and receive additional information, or pause and resume the slideshow, or can even perform a visual query using drop-down lists and sliders. It’s like having a computer browser at your fingertips.

Want to learn more about making captivating artwork? Check out our all-encompassing dashboard wall display solution or contact iDashboards for further information.


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