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Sometimes, the Excel data you’re using to build dashboards doesn’t flow easily into the charts. In fact, data is often not formatted correctly to build a chart in the manner and the style you are looking for – while at the same time provide the functionality you need. Data manipulation inside the spreadsheet is often required to get the raw scores or numbers into a format that will offer a more complete picture.

In an effort to make data manipulation a smoother and simpler process for dashboard implementation, we are now offering the iDashboards Excel Data Assistant. This new Excel add-in offers customers the ability to do more direct and simplified manipulation of Excel data from any client machine. This means that tasks such as importing data from other formats into Excel, manipulating data and dates, as well as managing Excel named ranges can now be done in a more intuitive manner.


While working with our customers on a regular basis, both on location and over the phone, we are often asked to assist with the process of formatting data to prepare for their dashboard build. The iDashboards Excel Data Assistant can help any Excel user make the process simpler, allowing for a more successful and functional finished dashboard.

This tool is now available for download from the OSKAR portal. It can be simply installed on any client machine with Excel already installed by running the downloaded installer and then opening Excel and clicking on the iDashboards tab.

**Update: New features have been added to the Excel Data Assistant!**

The new Week/Hour/Minute/Second button allows the user to insert a column that displays the week number, hour, minute or second based on an existing date value in the Excel data. If there is no time value applied to the cell, midnight is assumed and 00 will be displayed in the new column for the corresponding value.

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Excel data dashboardThe Fiscal Quarters button allows the user to insert a column that displays the Fiscal year and quarter based on an existing date value in the spreadsheet data and the fiscal year month start numeric value and the Launch iDashboards button will launch a new window that allows you to enter the URL you wish to use to open your iDashboards User or Admin interface. Clicking OK, upon entering that URL, will open a new Internet Explorer window and take you to the specified URL.

We hope that you enjoy the new features and are able to make good use of them to build the best dashboards possible.

Have you used the iDashboards Excel Data Assistant yet?


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Brey Neville Senior Technical Support Engineer @iDashboards

Brey Neville has been a pillar of support at iDashboards since 2012. Since his start, he has gained a foothold by not only providing reinforcement to customers in need of a solid footing with the software, but also been an abutment for internal employees who need a brace. Outside of work, Brey is the cornerstone for his family as they continue to lay the foundation for their lives.


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    1. HI Khelaiwi, our team has reached out to you to help you with your dashboards. Thanks for contacting us!

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