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March College Madness Dashboard


At iDashboards, we’ve been counting down the days until Selection Sunday and the official kickoff to March Madness. To celebrate the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we’re launching our March Madness dashboard on March 16.

The dashboard offers college basketball fans in-depth insight into the participating teams’ statistics throughout the tournament. Some of the stats you can explore include season average points scored per game, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three-point percentage, blocks, rebounds and more. We also feature an interactive map illustrating where each team’s school is located, and graphs displaying total wins versus total losses during regular season play.

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Our complimentary March Madness dashboard offers sports enthusiasts a really fun and unique way to enjoy every game throughout the tournament and get into the statistics on a deeper level. We create the dashboard annually and think it’s a great way for fans to understand the power of data visualization and the ability drilldown into critical data. Just like dashboards can help you make better business decisions, they can also help you make better bracket decisions for March Madness.

March Madness fans can access the dashboard for free at beginning March 16. Stats and data for each team will be updated throughout the progression of the tournament.

What team are you rooting for during March Madness?


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