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Everybody can appreciate ‘less complicated’ sometimes. An easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) tool that enables you to create charts and dashboards very quickly should be no exception – and it isn’t with iDashboards.

With that in mind, you want to first plan out your goals and determine your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) – and then collect data around those metrics. In order to keep data–and charts–organized, you should have a good chart naming system in place. Within iDashboards, charts and dashboards are saved into so-called “Categories” (aka folders), which allow you to put charts and dashboards into logical “buckets.” Even though the charts and dashboards are saved separately, they are linked together within the iDashboards repository database. So in the iDashboards system, you could have saved a lot of charts within a certain Category (see below image):

The charts shown above are sorted in alphabetical ascending order, but there is no indication to what dashboard(s) the charts in the category “Not Organized” belong to.

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My suggestion is to add a prefix to the chart name to show what dashboard(s) the charts are linked to. In the example below, I used a string of seven characters (three letters, a number, a space, a dash and another space) to indicate the dashboard name. With a prefix added to the chart name, charts with the same prefix are now sorted together, as shown below for the category “Organized.”

You have also the ability to search by prefix, as seen below, allowing you to easily find all the charts in a dashboard.

We aim for simple and this idea is easy to implement and can help you better organize your data and charts within the iDashboards software.

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