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After our highly successful Users Conference in Nashville last month, I am just in awe at all of the incredible ideas and purposes our customers have for iDashboards. Our customers have such creative and innovative ideas on how to best visualize their data, how to use iDashboards to tell real stories. The customer panels were phenomenal! Sharing ideas and seeing how creative people can be on the visual side of things is great, but when you hear that organizations or institutions are using iDashboards to make decisions that save them millions of dollars – that is remarkable!

In that same spirit of sharing, I thought I would share how iDashboards uses iDashboards.

At iDashboards, we use our product in multiple ways – lobby dashboards, sales performance dashboards, marketing dashboards and technical services metric dashboards. We also integrate with our phone system, Google Analytics and Salesforce to display metrics throughout the office. Regardless of the dashboard, each provides insight and purpose.

In our lobby, we have a large LCD monitor cycling through a number of dashboards that portray our company – people, customers and achievements. It has become part of the iDashboards culture to have new employees introduced through a dashboard of information, pictures and an Image Plot chart of the office showing where new employees sit.

Also using our Image Plot chart type, we have a large US Map showing our customers’ location. Anyone can look at that dashboard and see where our greatest concentration of customers are located.

Occasionally, it is likely that new dashboards with current activities also become part of the sequence of dashboards in the lobby. For example, our very recent Users Conference had a dashboard displaying registration details, as well as a countdown clock to the event.

In the lobby, we also have a few Sales Performance dashboards, and more specifically, the top performers. These dashboards provide both recognition to the top performers and motivation to others, supporting colleagues and the company overall.

Our lobby allows us to broadcast information to the masses, connecting the company to the ‘outside world.’ More importantly, though, they communicate successes and recognize top performers in a visual manner. It’s not always what you say – in this case, it’s how you SHOW it.

Those lobby dashboards are only one example of the approach we take with using iDashboards internally though. As I walk the halls at the iDashboards offices, there are a number of LCDs on the walls showing departmental dashboard metrics. These displays are showing live call metrics for our Sales teams and are tied directly to the phone system database. These set of dashboards allow all to see how many calls they are making, call duration and how they are performing in comparison to their peers.

A similar dashboard exists for monthly number of calls and the average call duration over the last 30 days. From these dashboards, it becomes easier to see not only who is making the most calls, but also what time of the day the most successful calls are taking place.

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Other dashboards are built for departmental contests, territory coverage maps and customer licensing, whether active or inactive. Secure access is given to these departmental dashboards to allow our account managers to see a focused list of their customers and help them understand how they are performing as an individual or as part of the larger team.

Our technical services and support teams also have their own dashboards, tracking customer satisfaction, support tickets and type of activities being performed by technical resources over time, using input parameters to filter on time range, type of activity and technical resource.

As you can probably tell by now, at iDashboards, we track nearly everything using iDashboards — we practice what we ‘product preach’ (I didn’t even talk about the dashboard developed to track what is the most cost-effective way to provide coffee to the masses!). Each department, each person at iDashboards will somehow utilize our internal dashboards daily, and we are proud of that.

How does your organization utilize iDashboards internally? Please add a comment and share your story!

Jerry Stowe – Sr. Systems Consultant, iDashboards

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Jerry Stowe Principal Pre-Sales Engineer @iDashboards

For over 25 years, Jerry Stowe has assisted customers using a variety of software technologies. Currently, he thrives in assisting clients and prospects to realize the full potential of their data, utilizing exceptional dashboard development and data visualization techniques. In his spare time, he enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge.


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