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Social media marketing has quickly revolutionized the way marketers think, and how businesses approach their consumer interactions. The largest result from this shift is the vast amount of data the target audience can produce. Mining, analyzing and utilizing this data to fuel your social media strategy is the difference between keeping up with the Joneses and getting lost in the shuffle.

How do we dive head first into this data without drowning in it? Will knowing that 38-year-old Bob out in Alaska liked your post about cats at 3:23 am change the time that you post content? Perhaps not. However, when combined with 8,000 other data points, Bob’s Facebook habits might align closely with thousands of others. This could eventually lead to a shift in what, where and when you are active on the different social media channels.Social Media Cat

There are generally three main areas of focus when collecting and analyzing data to back your social media strategy:

  1. Content: Anything and everything you post or share. Data relating to medium, sentiment and frequency will help you discover what time of day, how often and what kind of information you need to share.
  1. Consumer: Who is following your business? Demographics, fan count, interests, etc. This is where you can begin to flesh out who your key influencers are and begin to form a strong relationship with them.
  1. Engagement: An action taken by a consumer of your content in the form of amplification (liking, sharing, commenting), creating original content or simply viewing.

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How we consume all this data is equally as important as what data we consume. Looking at 8,000 rows, you might not notice that Bob and 200 of his fellow cat enthusiasts are most active at 3 am. These correlations can be difficult to find when the data is stuck in rows and columns. For this reason, visualization is becoming a vital part of data analysis. Data visualization takes complex data and transforms it into an engaging and easy-to-read format, which allows you to easily see spikes and trends at a simple glance. Proving the best times for you to post your favorite cat animation and draw even more cat fanatics to your page. Try it free with your social media data! Bob tested. Cat approved.

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