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iDashboards v8.5 is about to be released! New product releases are a big deal when you work at a software development company (around here, we are now saying ‘8.5!’). Many tasks need to be managed, executed and held to a tight timeline. In addition, all employees must be expert product users of the software…at the time of launch.

After having my hands on the ‘beta’ internal version of the software for a few months, I’ve been able to see all the new features get constantly fine-tuned. We have found that the new features are ‘nice,’ some are ‘pretty cool’ and the flagship features are deemed ‘awesome.’ I imagine both existing  and new users of iDashboards will be attracted to different features in the release of v8.5.

As an expert user, I have really become smitten with our new Point-and-Click Chart Designer. The new Chart Designer is a more unified and streamlined experience overall, and more advanced. I am experiencing a dramatic decrease in time when creating charts with this new Chart Designer. For example, it is not unusual for me to build a basic Bar Chart within 10-15 seconds, 20-30 seconds if I need to add filters and 30-60 seconds if the chart also needs to be visually customized (yes, I timed myself). Below is a quick example to show how the new point-and-click Chart Designer can streamline the chart building process.

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For new users of iDashboards v8.5, I think there will be a natural attraction to our flexible viewing options, capable of delivering dashboards with our traditional Adobe Flash interface or the new HTML5 interface.  iDashboards now has the highest quality HTML5 dashboards on the market, and this is only our first release with HTML. This option will eventually eliminate the need for apps and will certainly allow our mobile users to have a better experience viewing dashboards. Below is a dashboard comparison between the Flash and HTML5 interface.

New or existing users should not ignore what is the most advanced, flexible, creative and custom chart in the dashboard industry: the Image Plot Chart. This is not a traditional analytics chart, but instead a platform for building your own chart by layering dynamic points on any custom image. Now, our users can build their own custom GPS maps, interactive illustrations and more. Below are some examples of what’s possible with the Image Plot Chart.

Ken Rose – Product Marketing Leader, iDashboards


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