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iDashboards allows organizations to deliver unique experiences to every user – charts and dashboards they get to see and how they can be edited. Too often, though, little thought is given to what users see even before they begin to browse their available dashboards.

A Startup Dashboard is like a user’s homepage – it is the dashboard that is automatically loaded when a user signs in. Since user needs differ, a Startup Dashboard is a personal setting, configured through the User Settings screen.

By setting up a Startup Dashboard, users can save time and clicks, starting their days off more productively. For example, immediately upon login, a CEO could be viewing an Executive Scorecard while an IT Analyst could be focused on Helpdesk Tickets.

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What if a user needs to look at three dashboards every morning? There is only one Startup Dashboard, but users can also bookmark dashboards and make use of dashboard launcher panels to have their favorites just a click away.

These are a few different ways to put important metrics in front of the right users faster. What has worked for your organization? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Warren Singh – Sr. Technical Consultant, iDashboards

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Warren Singh

Warren Singh heads the training and consulting team at iDashboards. He is passionate about teaching new dashboard tips and tricks, and truly believes that if you storyboard it, you can build it and they will come.


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