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The more I talk to people about anything Business Intelligence, the more buzz words I get to hear e.g. Big Data, Prescriptive Analytics, Hadoop, YARN, Pig, etc. For most SMBs that I talk to, however, (humbly putting) these terms are more just buzz words. Don’t get me wrong, the innovation needs to happen and is happening. Go to any BI (Business Intelligence) event in the country and you will see the signs of innovation. However, you may also notice that basic topics like BI adoption, BI project success criteria, BI project anatomy and proactive performance management are a regular part of the event. What does this tell us? With the continuous and fast changes in technology, these basic things still need attention and priority, and that is where I wanted to bring the focus to.

The techies may seem very enthusiastic as to what technology can do for the business. And vice-versa business people may seem very excited about implementing new technology. It is something and someone in between that could bring the business vision and the technology together. Project managers play an important role in this regard, unfortunately it is an overlooked area. People might take shortcuts and it may cost organizations lot more in the long run.

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 As BI becomes more and more available to every level in the organization and to the masses, the need to focus on the core deliverables becomes more important. When I talk to these organizations I still hear that simple reports, analytics, dashboards and other BI basics still remain challenges to implement and to maintain. There is a lot of help available in the market to tackle these basic needs. There are more agile, robust, dynamic, easy-to-use tools available that can be utilized to help achieve the goals.

Let’s commit to better BI foundation. Let’s evaluate where we are and what our basic core goals, and build from there. Shall we?

Zahid Ansari – Pre-Sales Manager, iDashboards


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