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In a time of fast membership growth and even faster growing regulations, it’s more important now than ever for credit unions to get a handle on their KPIs and metrics. With dashboards, understanding KPIs and metrics is far faster and easier than with traditional reporting.

By turning standard row and column reporting structures to visualized dashboards credit unions are able to:
• Eliminate / Greatly reduce hours currently spent generating and formatting reports
• See trends
• Identify outliers
• Understand relationships in data

Credit Union dashboards have been a key resource for years, allowing them to better understand the key metrics driving their organizations, including, but not limited to:
• Collections
• Members per county/state
• Member retention rates
• Employee performance
• Call centers
• Branch scorecards

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Branch Scorecard
Branch scorecards have proven very effective at helping credit unions decide which regions have the best opportunities when times are good and which branches are under-performing in bad times.

Financial Drivers
By visualizing the financial drivers, credit unions can help board members who aren’t familiar with standard accounting practices and finance understand these concepts and how they impact performance of the credit union.

Michael Soave– Sales Manager, iDashboards


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