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The little things are often what matter most.  Things such as adding a company logo to your dashboard and branding it as your own – but why stop there?  By applying corporate colors, logo colors, or colors from other sections of your website, you are able to improve your dashboard branding. 

Most modern browsers include “web developer tools”, and (perhaps surprisingly) Microsoft Internet Explorer* has a built-in color picker.  When activated, the color picker shows the exact colors in use in different parts of a webpage.

Here’s an Easy Tip for Copying a Color from a Website – Let’s Get Started

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools -> Developer Tools
  • Select Tools -> Color Picker from the next screen. 
  • The color picker tool appears and, as you move your mouse cursor around, the color of the underlying item is shown as both RGB and hexadecimal values. 
  • Click on the “copy and close” button to copy the hexadecimal value to your clipboard and close the color picker. 
  • Paste the color code into iDashboards and voilà – you have the exact color from your website! 
  • Save the color to your iDashboards personal or enterprise-wide color palettes for easy access next time.

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Matching colors this way is quick and easy.  The smallest changes to your charts and dashboards can go a long way toward improving the user experience.  Here is a screenshot of the process in more detail:

How to Match Colors Exactly

* The color picker tool was removed from Internet Explorer 11.  Similar functionality can be added to other browsers through downloadable add-ons or extensions.

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