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When asked to think about results almost all of us want to think of doing well, we want to think of the success we’ve had in producing the results others are looking for whether it’s our employers, families, or even just those we meet casually through social interaction.  In most cases results are who we are, they tell the story of how well, or not, we tend to get a job done.  Often times though, I’ve come to realize results are subjective and their conveyance is all too subject to how the story is told.  Take interviewing as an example; ask a candidate how they are result driven and they’ll roll out a laundry list of accomplishments presumably to be taken at their word.  Take a moment to ask a few questions about each accomplishment, and maybe you’ll find their story doesn’t quite jive.

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The same can be said for managing results in one’s business as well.  Although we all strive for positive performance and an opportunity to show growth and success, the data may not point to that, and we may not even know it not having not asked any of the right questions. So to keep this one short and sweet, hopefully having proved my point quickly, we shouldn’t just take what we’re given at face value.  The best of the best, ask the best questions.  It’s our job and our responsibility to ask the right questions, to be creative, and find the unique answers and the truth in the story we’re being told.

Jason Wolan – Professional Service Manager, iDashboards


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