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In this blog I would like to talk about ViPanels. This functionality was introduced with iDashboards Version 8.0 and stands for “Visually Interactive Panel.” ViPanels are part of the iDashboards Panel functionality and are accessible through the iDashboards User Application (right click and select “Add/Edit Panel”) or through the iDashboards Designer (select the Panel icon  ). Once the “Configure Dashboard Panel” window opens, select the ViPanel icon and choose the ViPanel applications that you want to use.

Panels are defined as dashboard objects and are not chart types (see also, iDashboards User Manual). ViPanels are actually custom built applications and can be developed for a variety of needs. They can be placed into a frame of a dashboard by the dashboard designer and are saved as part of the dashboard. The ViPanel applications can be downloaded through the iDashboards Online Support & Knowledge Acquisition Repository website (called OSKAR ). After downloading, the application(s) have to be installed through the iDashboards Administrator (System -> Plugins -> Plugin Type “ViPanel”). If you are an iDashboards Cloud customer, the ViPanel applications are already part of your iDashboards Cloud environment.

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Whenever I am at a customer site for an engagement and I talk about these panels, I try to engage my trainees into a discussion on how ViPanels can be useful, especially when developing dashboards. I have been using ViPanels when creating “Launching Dashboards,” but of course it is up to each individual dashboard developer on how to use ViPanels. The point that I am trying to make here is that this functionally is available and I encourage you, the dashboard developer, to consider ViPanels in your design process.

By the way, I purposely did not have any ViPanel examples in this blog. I was hoping though, that this blog would make you curious enough about the ViPanels currently available in your iDashboards installation. So go ahead and take a look. Maybe you will find this functionality very helpful and will use it for your current or next dashboard development project. Whether you utilize them or not, I think ViPanels are an excellent tool in the iDashboards development toolbox.

Aziz Sanal – Technical Consultant, iDashboards

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Aziz Sanal Principal Technical Consultant @iDashboards

As a Business Graduate and tech professional, Aziz has become an expert in the information technology space with a proven record in the areas of programming, system analysis, consulting, system implementation, support, and training. Currently, Aziz trains iDashboards clients and helps them visualize their data in an exceptional way.


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