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Aziz Sanal Principal Technical Consultant @iDashboards

As a Business Graduate and tech professional, Aziz has become an expert in the information technology space with a proven record in the areas of programming, system analysis, consulting, system implementation, support, and training. Currently, Aziz trains iDashboards clients and helps them visualize their data in an exceptional way.


After 6 weeks of back to back engagements I found myself sitting at the Denver airport waiting for my return flight to Detroit. As I sat, I thought it would be a good idea to blog about being on the road as a Sales Engineer (SE) at iDashboards. You may have noticed that the blog headline is in reference to the movie Life of Pi, which is an adventure movie. I wouldn’t call my job adventurous, but it surely is exciting and very interesting.

When I look back at the last 6 weeks, I have been to 6 different States in three different time zones. I visited 6 different clients, most of them operating in different industries. If I had to point out one engagement as the most interesting, though, I would have to say it was my engagement in Florida with a start-up company. The reason for that is because for the first time, I had a chance to work with a company that was still in the process of defining itself.

There I was, sitting in a conference room with four people. Two of which were founders of the company, and two IT guys that had just started working there. The objective was to create a couple of dashboards in the three days that I was supposed be there. It was clear to me, the three day training agenda that I had in mind would not apply here and I actually did not mind. We started right away looking at their data and talking about their ideas with regards to charts and dashboards. At the end of the third day, we were able to create three dashboards. I must admit, they were all very basic dashboards because of the data available, but the client was happy with what we were able do, and I had also the feeling that the client had a really good handle on our product after 3 days of intense development.

As you can imagine, there was a lot of improvising, creating “things” on the fly, and of course technical issues, but at the end of the day we achieved the objective, and I was happy that I could help them get their dashboard initiative off the ground.

It looks like I will be in the iDashboards office for the next couple of weeks, but I hope to soon be on the road again training clients on the iDashboards product. Who knows? Maybe I will even get the chance to visit all 50 States, as well as some exotic destinations during my travels.

Aziz Sanal, Technical Consultant


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