Dashboards and Data Viz

The new drilldown type “Dashboard Parameters” in v8.0 will allow a chart type to pass parameter values to every other chart on the dashboard if it is designed to do so. Subsequently, this allows use of a ViFrame chart for nothing more than to contain pivots which cascade values. For instance, if a dashboard has two fields (Brand & Hotel), each with a pivot, as the end user selects a Brand from the first pivot then the second pivot will only show Hotels in the Brand selected.

I have set up a simple example with only two fields in which both are pivots (Image Below). One key thing to keep in mind is that this is limited to 3000 records, so take note that there is a count in order to return distinct combinations of the values. Also, please note that the “Update Button” is merely an image used to execute the drilldown, this means that a person could create their own descriptive button if they would like.

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In looking at this dashboard, a few other things are apparent that may not have been seen before such as Color Range Sets on a ViFrame. Please feel free to take a look at how it is configured with expressions.

There are many commonly requested features that have viable solutions with a bit of creativity. Many of these solutions have been posted in articles on the iDashboards Support Portal – commonly known as OSKAR. If you have not yet logged into OSKAR, I highly recommend that you do as you may find solutions that address your needs.

Zach Breimayer– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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