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Just a few weeks ago, you may have been known as the resident “Dashboard Designer”. But with the launch of v8.0, your identity has been stolen by a feature called “Dashboard Designer”. Sorry for the late notice if you’ve already ordered new business cards but you are now a “Dashboard Builder”.

Before iDashboards v8.0:

Dashboard Designer = You

After iDashboards v8.0:

Dashboard Designer = Feature

Dashboard Builder = You

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The Dashboard Designer is a new and extensive environment offered to end users who want to make changes to the appearance of a dashboard. If you’re already an iDashboards user, you can read up on the details in the updated product documentation. However, I’ll provide an overview of our new frame borders. Frame borders are no longer a technical necessity, but rather an artistic accent. Look at the before-and-after screenshots below. Prior to v8.0, it was a strong suggestion to turn off the visibility of frame borders because they revealed the details how the dashboard was constructed. Now, we have the ability to leverage the frame borders with a variety of colors, thicknesses, and transparencies to further enhance the appearance of the dashboard. The screenshot taken after v8.0 is using a wider (20) frame, set to 100% transparent so the background picture is more prominent.

Here is a cheat-sheet of the different features within the Dashboard Designer. All of the buttons and features have mouse-over descriptions to help you learn the new layout.

Well, I hope you don’t mind your new job title after seeing your replacement. Think of your new title as a promotion!

Ken Rose – Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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