Dashboards and Data Viz

If you are an executive in today’s ever-changing technology environment, it is likely that you are often faced with questions such as, “How will we stay on point with the strategic plans and keep customers happy? Of course businesses know about the social media buzz, but another popular tool that helps businesses achieve tremendous results is dashboard technology.

Over the past several years, dashboard technology has matured and is ready to serve the market demands. Dashboard technology has been proven to be of immense value with great ROI in various sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Government, Healthcare, High Tech and so on.

On my recent engagement with a company, I worked with a marketing department and its executive team. Together, they strategized a plan to increase value for customers, create new ways to engage customers, and strengthen the revenue model with minimal impact on the existing business processes. The team came up with a solution to provide a dashboard to the customers. This dashboard would provide various metrics in an easy to understand format. Customers no longer needed to sift through multiple systems to track various aspects of the business viz. sales, billing, usage, tech support etc.

Simple dashboards for customers provide a differentiator from the competition. The marketing and sales team was able to leverage it by winning new business and greater loyalty from existing customers.

The simplicity of the dashboards brought greater value to their customers. The dashboards not only simplified the overall picture for the customers but it also enforced the internal teams’ procedures to align for the single customer entry point into the system through the dashboard software. Teams are now more aware of the impact of their individual performance in relation to the overall impact.

When the dashboard technology is applied, it can certainly produce results.

Do you think dashboards technology can help your organization?

Zahid Ansari – Principal Consultant, iDashboards


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