This has undoubtedly been an interesting year for me, brimming with reasons to look back and take stock of where things are at. In the past year, I’ve spent time all over the world; from the Far East to Europe, the Middle East, and even Mexico, working with iDashboards customers and partners has truly been one of those events in life where people say “I wouldn’t have traded it for the world”. Cliché? Perhaps, but how ironic and fitting given what’s transpired.

Working in the Business Intelligence industry really has proven to be quite the privilege. It has afforded me access to experiences that have given me an entirely new perspective and set of priorities not just in my professional life but personal as well. And it wasn’t simply the opportunity to work with these people that changed things the most; it was, more importantly, slowing things down and taking the time to listen to them. It seems to be that the details in life are what can change things the most, and yet those are the things that we as humans take advantage of the least. So here I sit, taking stock aloud of how things have changed in my life, given the insight I now have through the opportunities I’ve been afforded, asking myself, “What really has changed?” In an instant my ability to relate my experiences to theirs comes to the forefront, and maybe that just means helping them devise a more realistic approach to viewing data and addressing their needs, or perhaps it’s something even more basic, so much so we tend to overlook it; the ability to better relate to our customers, still just people, but all with different perspectives, and all done with an open mind and a challenge to think outside the box. It’s not that I was ever naive enough to believe our “domestic” way of doing things was always the right way or perhaps even as some believe, the only way; but it’s one thing to say that empathetically, and an entirely different thing to say it with sympathy.

During a time when the world likes to look back at its accomplishments and take time to be thankful for the things they have and the blessings they’ve received, I’ll take this moment to thank iDashboards and all our wonderful customers and partners for the experiences I’ve had working for this organization, both personal and professional. I have grown tremendously in every aspect, and can without question attribute so much of that to the hospitality and graciousness of those I’ve had the opportunity to work with. This last year truly has been footage for the highlights reel, and the collective result I plan to carry with me the rest of my life. But by no means am I done collecting; as the year winds down I continue to look forward to the opportunities of a new year and the uncharted territory that will be further personal and professional growth.

Here’s to a wonderful year’s end, and the challenges of a new!

Jason Wolan– Professional Services Team Lead, iDashboards


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