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Here at iDashboards we have been seeing a growing number of transportation and logistics companies adopting dashboards to help drive their businesses. With many transportation and logistics companies, if data analysis is being done, users are exporting data to Excel files or getting lost in a sea of data with tabular reports. The problem with tabular data is that it’s easy for important information to get lost and it takes a long time to analyze.

By turning this…

into this…

These companies have been able to greatly improve access to their data and discover the benefits that transportation dashboards bring including:
• Increase on time delivery ratios
• Decrease damaged good ratios
• Improve equipment utilization rates
• Quickly find slowdowns in average time to ship
• See real-time picked orders and pick schedule

Third party logistics companies have utilized iDashboards not only for internal metrics, but also in their websites and customer portals to deliver functional dashboards to their customers as well. Giving their customers access to visualized metrics on performance has allowed these 3PLs to increase customer satisfaction and retention since the customers are able to fully realize all the advantages provided by their continued relationship.

With ever increasing fuel costs in a very price sensitive market, maintaining peak efficiency has never been more important for transportation. By eliminating barriers to data, dashboards enable transportation companies to quickly spot the inefficiencies in dispatching, both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, damaged good ratios, driver and equipment utilization rates, and many other KPIs before they become real problems.

With so much competition transporters must show customers the enhanced value they can offer. There is no better way to present increased value than with transportation dashboards. Dashboards make data consumable for people who aren’t training to spot trends in data enabling the delivery of important information to anyone.

In an era of ever shrinking margins, how long can you afford to wait to leverage return on value from the data your company is already collecting?

Michael Soave– Account Manager, iDashboards


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