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“So what is this ‘Je Ne Sais Quai’ you speak of?” Well aside from being French, it also turns out, it’s a noun. Straight out of Wiktionary, we get:

Je ne sais quoi – Noun
1. An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive.

And that’s exactly what iDashboards brings to the table. We are a platform that prides itself on its ability to separate itself from its competitors. As a solution, we bring a series of patented technologies to the table that frankly our competitors simply can’t compete with. That being said, a dashboard is only as good as the value it develops for an organization.

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Rather than fitting a square peg in a round hole, let’s theoretically round that hole out and use these tools to accomplish exactly what they’ve been designed for. The deliverables behind dashboards within an organization aren’t that far off from those expected out of the GPS in your car. A destination has been determined, but what we really need is the guidance to get there. Much like we don’t necessarily know all the streets we would need to travel down to get across the country, we don’t necessarily know all the decisions we will need to make on the path to success, as defined by leadership, within our organization. Like a GPS capable of calculating directions based on numerous variables, unforeseen circumstances, and even where we started from; dashboards can constantly feed us the guidance that enables us to make the decisions that will inevitably deliver us to our operational destination on schedule, as planned. It is dashboarding and business intelligence that are specifically designed to provide customers this BPS (“Business” Positioning System) they are looking for, and it is iDashboards that offers a certain Je Ne Sais Quai to it all.

Jason Wolan– Professional Services Team Lead, iDashboards


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