Dashboards and Data Viz

Throughout my years I’ve worked at numerous Technology Companies. Each time I went to interview, I would hand them my resume; black text on a white sheet of paper (5 to be exact). The interviewer would gloss over the resume, search for key terms and dates and would ask me questions concerning the dull piece of paper I handed him.

During the Super Bowl last year Pepsi came out with a commercial staring Elton John as a king who refused to give Pepsi to the masses. A young lady approached and challenged the king, pulled the trap door lever and stated “no … Pepsi for all” and the King fell through the hole in the floor. I’m using this example to illustrate the message that dashboards are for everyone, not just businesses and organizations. We can use dashboards in every area of our lives on a day to day basis. I say, “Dashboards for all”.

I stumbled upon a website one day called “Visualize Me”. Visualize Me allows you to connect your Linkedin profile to their website and automatically generate a dashboard that reflects your work life. Certain factors are placed on your living dashboard, including: How many years you spent at a company, how skilled you are in an area, references left by your current and former colleagues, as well as your education background.

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So I pose the question, what’s stopping you from revolutionizing the way we present our lives? Why do we continue to hand in boring two sided pieces of paper with our life story on it, when we could really show what we are made of? Don’t be afraid of colors, images, graphs and data visualization. Don’t allow Dashboards and data visualization to be for only businesses and organizations. Don’t be afraid to encompass the mantra of “Dashboards for all!”

Brett Karl– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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