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iDashboards just successfully finished its first annual user conference here in Detroit, Michigan.  I was fortunate enough to present a few topics, including the mystical ‘User Adoption’ topic.  I walked into the fully-packed auditorium, stood at the podium, and proclaimed with conviction “Just Use It!”  The audience burst into laughter and declared me as the industry leader for all technology on planet Earth…until eternity.

Okay, so maybe I’m just trying to solicit a nomination to become a speaker at the next TED conference.

Software adoption comes in many forms.  Maybe it’s a manufacturing company implementing new 3D CAD software, or a sales company implementing a new CRM system.  At a minimum, maybe it’s you trying to leverage new photo software to help manage personal pictures.

Highlights of the User Adoption topic include: defining a project manager and champion, communicating, designing, and integration into the business model.  <Imagine a 60-minute presentation goes here>.

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It got me thinking; What if there was software that helped with software adoption?  What would it do?  How could it work?  How could I sell it?  So here we go; this is my software product roadmap for an amazing, futuristic, multi-million-dollar-idea, hereafter called “SAM” (Software Adoption Management).

  1. Must be able to implement SAM before purchasing a new software
  2. The first time SAM launches, it will require a name for the “PM” (Project Manager)
  3. SAM requires PM to enter business metrics about current problems requiring a software solution
  4. Before the PM signs the PO to purchase software, SAM will have to approve the purchase
  5. During new software implementation, SAM continuously asks the PM “Is everything going okay?”
  6. After implementation, SAM continuously asks the PM “Are you using it?”  “Are they using it?”  “Have your old problems been reduced?”  “Would you like some coffee?”
  7. Finally, SAM automatically uninstalls once the new software is fully adopted

Until the day comes when I get around to hiring a programmer for this idea, we’ll have to ask the project manager to help with the entire process.

To help with managing an iDashboards implementation, please feel free to use this handy form: iDashboards Implementation Report

Ken Rose – Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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