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Human + Human = Business Intelligence – The human being is an incredibly complex machine!

Regarding the Human Face alone…There are six classically defined facial expressions: Joy, Surprise, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Among those facial expressions, humans can express all types of feelings including Concentration, Confusion, Contempt, Desire, Disgust, Excitement, Empathy, Fear, Flirtation, Frustration, Glaring, Happiness, Love, Sadness, Snarl, Surprise, Sadness, ect.

The point here is that as you are tasked to manage, monitor, measure and report your findings regarding all things Human – you are dealing with an incredibly complex machine! These tasks are in greater within the workplace when you are faced with situations such as this: Oh by the way, you have no budget, and we would also like you to find a way to save us some money, or even better, make us more money.

Human behavior is kind of like capturing the sunlight, if you go about it methodically, piece by piece, you can effectively collect and reuse some of the energy. You need a plan, and the willingness to be bold, pioneering and traditional… One key is to simply start SOMEWHERE, Solve a problem, Answer a question and SHOW IMPACT.
Here are some “traditional” HR KPIs that you can focus on:

In HR Benefits:
* Employee Starts v. Terminations
* Leaves of absence
* Workers Comp
* Benefit Enrollment

HR Talent Management :
* Open Positions –Time to fill, interviews, offers, activities
* Closed Positions – Actual Time to fill
* Recruited vs. Outsourced – Cost for each

HR Care Center:
* Employee Satisfaction
* Inbound Call Volume
* Outbound Call Volume by type
* Tasks by type: On boarding, off boarding

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Collecting the right data, analyzing it regularly, and producing compelling reports will help people read and understand your information accurately. Be sure to choose technology that aligns with your overall measurement philosophy, not just HR. Validate your analysis as an easily consumable display. However, no matter what the analysis in place, at the end of the day human judgment should be the ruling factor.

Mark Scott – Account Manager, iDashboards


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