Dashboards and Data Viz

My last three engagements proved the same point again and again, that dashboard technology cannot only deliver ROI but change the way people conduct business. During pre-engagement discussions, the leaders of each company revealed the same vision – to pioneer a change in their respective industries by providing customers with an enhanced understanding through visual intelligence. These business heads firmly believed that providing a visual representation of the data was critical to promoting increased accountability and transparency.

The benefit of visualizing data is far from a new concept amongst IT professionals or BI gurus – these individuals are long standing advocates of this type of technology. However, when a CPA, development manager, food processing manger, operations director or other members of management start to buy into these vast benefits, BI technology can change not only the way departments or organizations conduct business, but the way entire industries conduct business.

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In most business environments there is a heightened emphasis on the importance of dashboards amongst decision makers, and many executives are already taking advantage of some sort of data visualization solution. Niche BI solutions, such as dashboard software, are becoming the trend. This type of solution is significantly more user friendly than large BI stacks and allows more business analysts, or even business users, to create dashboards on their own – without IT. This provides users with a more agile solution that is able to adapt to changing demands in a timely manner without placing a large strain on IT resources. In additional to easing the pull on resources, this type of solution also widens the playing field and allows companies of all sizes to recognize the benefits of dashboards – including small family owned operations.

Zahid Ansari – Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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