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I am writing this blog post sitting in an airplane headed to Alaska. A major part of my job is teaching customers how to use the iDashboards software, wherever they may be. It is always interesting to see the different ways that our software is used, since every customer is different and wants a unique view of their data. The common thread, however, is that every single customer has a mountain of data whose analysis is currently far too difficult and time-consuming for their employees to be responsive and effective at their jobs.

The idea behind a dashboard is that it should present key data points in an easily understood manner. If your organization is to become agile and efficient, so should your dashboard. Building dashboards does not mean that all of your legacy reports go away. Instead, it means that an employee can look at a “new way” dashboard and check the pulse of the organization in 10 seconds, rather than spending 10 hours sorting through all of the “old way” reports. If a problem is identified, then the team can dig deeper and find the source of the problem. It is a much better use of everyone’s time, and it truly is a win-win situation. Managers get answers faster, and employees can work on solving real problems instead of being stuck in “Excel hell”.

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Careful planning of dashboards with the focus on key metrics is critical to the success of your dashboard project. Ensure that your dashboard tells a succinct story and you will be able to focus on the big picture without distractions.

While I may not literally be sitting on top of the world in Alaska, you can definitely be on top of your data today with iDashboards!

Warren Singh– Technical Consultant, iDashboards

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Warren Singh

Warren Singh heads the training and consulting team at iDashboards. He is passionate about teaching new dashboard tips and tricks, and truly believes that if you storyboard it, you can build it and they will come.


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