In Part 1 of this series the focus was on displaying the aging buckets by Provider, and by Carrier (Insurance) for the 0 – 30 day bucket. With aging metrics the visualization is typically using a standard bar or pie chart to convey the information. The focus of this blog will be to show a nontraditional visualization of AR Aging by Provider. Of course the X-Axis (Grouping) could also be Carrier, Specialization, Location, Month, Day, etc…

In Figure 1 you will notice the title is Current Aging by Provider. Each of the aging buckets is indicated with an appropriate color (Green= 0-30, Yellow= 31-60, Orange= 61-90, Red=91+) as indicated by the legend. This visualization allows for a comparative analysis by provider using a stacked column chart. We can see that Dr. Brown has $12,000 in Receivables that are 91+ days, while Dr. Sanal has $15,000 in Receivables at 91+ days. We cannot necessarily draw a comparative analysis that would conclude that Dr. Brown has better performance due to a lower receivables balance at 91+ days since there are many other possible factors such as; Insurance Carrier Mix, Location, Specialization, etc…

Figure 1

Figure 2 looks very similar; however the key difference is that we have simply changed the chart type to a stacked ratio column chart. This is a rather unique view of AR Aging by provider. In one quick view a Practice Manager can see the current status of aging by bucket for each provider and draw comparative analysis. For instance, a Practice Manager may want to drilldown into the data further to see why Dr. Brown has 16.6% AR at 91+ Days, yet Dr. Sanal is at 12.5%. The simple answer to this question may be related to a difference Carrier mix. Perhaps Dr. Brown has a higher ratio of Medicare/Medicaid clients.

Figure 2

Hopefully these two options have generated some thought on how your organization presents AR Aging metrics.

Zach Breimayer– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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