Dashboards and Data Viz

In a fast paced market, who really has the time to spend reviewing data anymore?  These days I find myself swamped with so many tasks I have to wonder daily why there isn’t more time in my day.  As I write this blog, again I find myself swamped with other tasks taking me away from the duties of keeping tabs on how things are running.  However, my slight reprieve comes in the form of some software, dashboard software to be specific. You see, instead of spending my time taking data and summarizing it, I access pre-aggregated results through dashboards saving not only myself but my employer as well.  Beyond the time component is a significant reduction in daily frustration.

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Dashboards provide a simplified view into data and results where thresholds and colors can be used to enable efficient analysis as well as drive quick change within the organization.  Without these simplifications many employees are instead faced with the challenge of processing data, analyzing results, and determining a course of action over what is conceivably a much longer period of time. I feel for these people, I truly do.  Working for an organization that provides such a simple solution to such an easy to solve problem, I have to wonder why dashboards still don’t have the adoption they deserve.  It’s high time the industry got its accountability hat on and started not only producing results but sharing them in an easily digested format as well!

Jason Wolan– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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