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Most of us live in a world where we struggle to keep up with technology; an environment that progresses so quickly most of us simply cannot afford to always have the latest and greatest. The problem though is what that next greatest thing can bring us, how we can improve our quality of life simply by having that technology in it. As a consumer, and certainly an individual, intrigued by most technology, I like to think I do my best to stay on top of it, but I am definitely here to tell you that is usually easier said than done. Just as it is difficult for me as a consumer, so is it difficult for most organizations. Dwindling budgets, lack of resources, dried up investments – What do all these things add up to? A lack of the proper resources to explore new technologies and implement them.

So here I’ve gone and painted what looks like a rather grim picture for the future of technology for many consumers and businesses alike. It doesn’t have to be that way though. There is still plenty of existing technology out there to be advanced, as is. For example, why not take that business intelligence software you’re running and mobilize it. Most organizations already have the technological infrastructure to implement something like this, and generally it can be done for very little financial investment. With most employees carrying smartphones or even tablets and most business intelligence vendors taking the leap towards mobility, this step forward should seem almost natural for any organization in this position. To think that we only work when we’re tethered to our desks is nothing more than fooling ourselves. So why not enable yourself to make decisions anywhere. Get connected to the pulse of your organization to stay in tune with overall performance. Now you don’t need to find out until it’s too late, you can find out the minute something has gone wrong!

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Just think about it like driving your car on a snow covered road. The sooner you feel out of control the sooner you can react to try to correct it. If you wait until it’s too late to correct it you’ll probably over react and find yourself in the ditch. You should treat your business and your job the exact same way. Why lose complete contact when you walk out the door when you’ve already got what you need to stay in constant contact in the first place.

Jason Wolan– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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