Dashboards and Data Viz

With the recent launch of iDashboards v7.5 came a variety of new chart types; primarily Presentation Charts. For the first time in iDashboards history our charts can display more than text, dates or numbers. Presentation charts have the unique ability to dynamically display images and formatted text.

Our charts and graphs already have the ability to tell a story through the visual representation of data. In essence, the chart below should tell part of the story on how Plant ‘South’ has high costs and low productivity compared to Plant ‘North’.

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So how do Presentation Charts relate to a BI dashboard? Here’s an example:

Manufacturing plants assign part numbers to different components. Business users often type part numbers into the engineering product drawing database to retrieve the image of the part. In the image below, the user found a chart where the product failures were high. By using interactive intelligence and a presentation chart, the image and details of the part are quickly displayed within the same dashboard. This would allow for faster retrieval of the image without using additional steps.

Presentation charts can save time and enhance the discovery of critical business data.

Ken Rose – Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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