Dashboards and Data Viz

I think it’s a safe assumption these days that most organizations have changed operational gears; looking to our past, let’s say the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was a lot easier to hit the auto-pilot button, sit back and relax while watching profit and revenue soar. Our global economy has evolved through the early 21st century though, most if not all organizations have clicked off the auto-pilot and business has truly become a cost-cutting struggle to extreme efficiency.

Lately, we’ve seen the effects of this economic downturn spread across every industry from the financial sector, to the housing industry, even bringing down the behemoths of the auto industry. To me this says one thing: it’s time for a game changer. It’s time to shift gears, and pass your competition. Perhaps you’ve been sitting right behind them, drafting, waiting for the perfect opportunity to down-shift and blow right past them. Well perhaps that opportunity has been there all along, you’ve always kept the data, you possibly even had to (thanks to regulation and compliance). So why not take all the time and money you’ve invested in, harvest that data and turn that into something. Turn it into insight. While you’re competition is still reacting, you can be evolving…to the next level of business intelligence. Deploying dashboards is an excellent way to monitor every aspect of business throughout your organization. While your VPs and directors are busy tracking performance, management can be busy measuring it. From there you begin coordinating those results to foster interoffice promotional campaigns and next thing you know, you’ve drastically improved your productivity and efficiency; if from nothing else due to the increased internal competition arising from the improved insight and transparency you’ve established. The paradigm then shifts and your organizational culture now moves to a mode of competitive excellence where nobody wants their numbers showing up as last month’s sub-par performance.

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Sure there’s an additional time and monetary investment involved to get there, but isn’t ignoring the problem part of what got us here in the first place? Micromanagement is overkill in many eyes, but no one said it needed to be that way. Oversight is plenty, and dashboards are the perfect solution to organizational oversight, all it takes is a commitment.

Jason Wolan– Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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