Dashboards and Data Viz

If you are planning to purchase a dashboarding tool, or have recently purchased one, chances are that it is for specific requirements and needs. Maybe the executive team needed a quick at-a-glance view of the entire company or a certain department wanted to monitor specific indicators. Or perhaps the need was to capture various indicators for several departments. A dashboarding tool thus should provide metric visualization from various applications and departments.

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The purchase of the dashboarding tool could be for very specific purpose, however, often times that tool finds usage in unexpected ways. Let’s take an example of a company where the main purpose for the dashboarding tool was to monitor the sales & marketing projects, however, the technical support department could also use the application for their department management. Not only could they measure the KPIs for the management, but they started using the tool to monitor call activity and corresponding resource management by connecting to the telephone system. Another example is the IT department utilizing the dashboarding tool to monitor the status of various servers. A simple visualization of the servers’ status as stop lights provide easy monitoring.

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Zahid Ansari – Technical Consultant, iDashboards


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