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Public Dashboards: Then and Now

Dashboards can provide wonderful insight into performance at an organization. Dashboards help manage goals, measure performance, and monitor key areas of operation. But the question remains, should your next dashboard be made public or limited to internal use only?

Once upon a time, companies kept their data private, fearing that doing anything else meant giving away company secrets. Too often this worked to the extreme, not only was your competition kept in the dark, but so were your staff and customers. Data was only available to a select few, instead of the many who stood to benefit the most from it.

Fast forward to today. There is an increasing trend to do just the opposite, and to make more data available to the public via the Internet. Through the use of online dashboards, organizations can stand out from the competition and send a clear signal indicating that their customers are also their partners. An online dashboard can add unprecedented levels of accountability and transparency to an organization almost overnight.

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With advances in technology, it is no longer an “all or nothing” situation. A company can make high-level information available in a public-facing dashboard on its website, yet ALSO have separate, internal dashboards that detail sensitive metrics. Communication is improved by being upfront and open. Decision-making no longer has to be slow and tedious due to a lack of solid information.

Consider what a public dashboard on your website can save you.
• Time saved because you might generate 5 dashboards instead of a 50-page PDF report.
• Paper saved by having online dashboards instead of 200 paper copies.
• And just think about updating and reprinting those 200 copies when the numbers change!

Public dashboards are everywhere nowadays. You may have even seen some high-profile online state dashboards and federal dashboards in the news. You no longer have to choose between internal use private dashboards, or public and highly visible. You can truly have the best of both worlds.

Do yourself, your staff and most importantly, your customers, a favor and make public dashboards part of your business today!

Warren Singh– Technical Consultant, iDashboards

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Warren Singh

Warren Singh heads the training and consulting team at iDashboards. He is passionate about teaching new dashboard tips and tricks, and truly believes that if you storyboard it, you can build it and they will come.


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