Dashboards and Data Viz

This week, Governor Rick Snyder gave his first State of the State address in Lansing, Michigan. He spoke about change for Michigan and the importance of setting clear, measurable goals. Governor Snyder announced the implementation of the Michigan Dashboard (www.michigan.gov/midashboard). The new public government dashboard will compare Michigan’s results to other states to achieve “real results for real people”.

The Michigan dashboard will monitor key metrics including economic strength, health and education, value for government, quality of life and public safety. Based upon this direction visibility, accountability and performance management will be critical to the future success of our state’s government agencies.

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This initiative is a clear testament of how Dashboards have become the vehicle to deliver information and insight to the masses. The push behind “BI for the Masses” has begun to see the light of the day, and dashboards have become the face of BI.

Shadan Malik
President & CEO, iDashboards