Dashboards and Data Viz

Click here, then there…almost done!

iDashboards has really taken the programming out of creating executive dashboards. The interface that is used to view a dashboard is the same interface used to create and design a dashboard. This really simplifies the resources needed to get iDashboards to appear on your screen (we use the free Adobe Flash plug-in within your browser). All other options within iDashboards are then accessed through a right-click menu.

Everyday tasks associated to designing a chart or dashboard has been simplified for any user level wanting to graphically display their information. For example, resizing charts is handled by click-and-drag versus complex file configurations controlling pixel coordinates, or maybe you want to use our ability to easily apply a SUM or AVERAGE calculation on your data. Either way, iDashboards has thought of every aspect of dashboarding and made it easy for people to learn and use.

Now, eventually you had to imagine this topic getting a little more technical than this. Here we go:

– The Administrative Console connects iDashboards to each of your data sources. This console offers a Wizard interface and there is no limitation on “how many” data sources you can connect to within iDashboards.
– An internet browser (with Adobe Flash) gets you into the application to view/design a dashboard. That’s all you need to use iDashboards.
– A dashboard is the framework that contains the charts that connect to the data sources. There’s no limitation on “how many” dashboards you can create within iDashboards.
– 5-Steps to create a chart. No limitations on “how many” charts you can create within iDashboards.
– Right-Click menu provides access to where you can customize the look and feel of each chart and dashboard. All 85+ pre-configured charts have a properties window where the style can be changed

Bottom line, if you have a browser and a mouse, you too can create a dashboard.

Ken Rose, iDashboards