Higher Education

Working within the education vertical at iDashboards, you see common interests for administrators. Whether it’s a K-12 school district Superintendent or a VP of Academic Affairs at a 20,000 student university, the need is consistent.

How can we improve student success?

A common example I hear is in higher education. Administrators want to know who is failing, their gender, race, if they are receiving financial aid, where they come from (in-state v. out-of-state), everything. Not too long ago, schools didn’t even know where all of their data was housed. How would anyone know the truth about improving student success if there isn’t evidence to support it? Now, with the help of dashboards, people can get a quick view of the state of the school. They can choose a key performance indicator and drilldown to get further and further into the details. For example, you can see that in-state, 20-22 year old males without financial aid are leaving the school at an alarming rate. Talk about having a road map to help you improve.

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Have you had this level of transparency before? Probably not.

Jon Salmon, iDashboards