Dashboards and Data Viz

Don’t get me wrong. I really liked my Blackberry. I could check email, surf the web, and I love BBM. But, I have to say that my new Droid is better. All the stuff I could do on the Blackberry plus navigation, a better screen, and a better application market.

It is pretty neat to think that only a few years ago I could only make phone calls with my phone. Now I can manage my life, including my business, from my phone. You can send texts, send emails, send IM’s, take photos, and manage work and personal calendars all from one device.

Now with the release of the Android 2.2 operating system, there is Adobe Flash support. With Flash I now can view iDashboards on my Droid. Sure, the screen resolution could be larger but then I couldn’t fit it in my pocket. Anyway, I can create a dashboard to fit the smaller screen with one of iDashboards’ new BI apps. I can still open other dashboards, use drilldowns, manipulate input parameters, and change pivot values. Plus, I get the graphics I expect. It’s great! If you have a Droid, try it out. Go to and click on any of the Live Dashboard Previews on the right hand side. You will log in as a guest user and see some of the features I am talking about.

For all the greatness of my Droid in managing my life, I still cannot get my smart phone to pick up after my kids. I can only hope that will be next.

Matt Gentry, iDashboards