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iDashboards helps companies leverage information assets through visually rich, real-time, and personalized business intelligence dashboards to analyze, track, and drilldown through a wealth of information. iDashboards continues to provide leading business intelligence dashboard software, with the release of iDashboards X Platform.

iDashboards X Platform includes a host of new features designed to improve the user experience, including custom dashboard backgrounds, ability to control chart transparency, search capability across charts and dashboards, and an enhanced user interface. It extends iDashboards’ world class dashboard software into a comprehensive business intelligence platform which includes alerts, analytics and reports. It’s BI on a whole new level.

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Using iDashboards, customers will be able to create alerts based on definable data thresholds, and set alert notifications via email to predefined user groups. The analytics feature allows users to perform what-if scenarios within the dashboard. With the reports feature, there is the ability to display dashboard data in PDF and HTML. It scales from ten to tens of thousands of users and draws data from databases, data warehouses, spreadsheets, XML and other data sources to display all KPIs and metrics in a single location. Its built-in security framework provides role-based user permissions and access control.


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Renee Cassata, iDashboards