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Server hardware and server administration is a complex industry. Maybe you have seen an old server sitting in the closet at your office. Or even worse, maybe you’re still using that obsolete server to host your applications. This situation is not uncommon because businesses are trying to utilize and extend the life of their hardware investments. Although server administration doesn’t depreciate like hardware, the efforts applied to maintain a sound environment can be cumbersome. For example, why are simple ideas of a backup or security still like redesigning the wheel…every year?

Cloud computing is an alternative to hosting your own server hardware and enterprise applications. It works by using several-centralized servers (which share resources like RAM, processor and disk space) to provide internet-based connection to many computers. This structure of cloud computing provides the option scale any of these resources on-demand vs. performing a physical upgrade to disk space or other hardware accessory. Other benefits to consider:

Lower Cost
• Monthly subscription fees instead of costly upfront hardware acquisition
• Software and installation is Cloud administered

Requirements = Broadband internet access

Device Independence
• Accessible with all operating systems and often Smart phones and PDAs

Automatic Backups
• Eliminate the need for desktop and network backups
• Avoid issues with trying to maintain “off-site” secure backups

Instant Document Collaboration
• All users within your business can access documents and collaborate online
• Accessibility to files is simply based on having internet access

Simple Security
• Significantly reduced threat of viruses and malware

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Do not fear this new technology. Major technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, offer cloud services. Each of these providers has obtained SAS 70 Type II certification that proves their dedication to security and data control. Various offerings allow businesses to make the right decision for their requirements and budget.

Ken Rose, iDashboards