Dashboards and Data Viz | Energy & Utility

Create a paperless office, recycle, use more natural light, print smarter, and utilize internet-based conferencing; these are just some of the initiatives that companies are implementing in an effort to be green.  Not only do these items help save the planet, but they can also save money and time while increasing efficiency.  Once a company has implemented all of the green projects on their list, executives may still find themselves searching for more ways to have a positive effect on the bottom line.  So, where else in the company can we become more efficient?  The answer: business intelligence dashboards.  At first glance dashboards may simply look like a high-tech presentation tool that can be used to display a company’s key metrics, but it is yet another way to go green.

 Save Resources – Presentation of Dashboards

  • Having access to all of the company’s key metrics in a format accessible by employees and customers saves from having to print out reports on paper.
  • Reports do not have to be e-mailed out to individuals in a static format and also the phone call to an analyst to get you the latest reports is a thing of the past.

 Save Time – KPI Monitoring

  • With the ability to closely watch Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you can reward or react when necessary, allowing a company to become more proactive than reactive.
  • See all your KPIs on your screen with real-time data instead of having to manually copy and paste data from separate data sources.
  • Dashboards not only save you and your staff time, but the data is not stale and you are not reacting when it may already be too late.

Improve Efficiency

  • Employees will be more prepared at meetings having already seen the key metrics through their business intelligence dashboard tool.
  • A dashboard tool can give you the power to provide a live interface that shows how the employee is doing in relation to their personal goals that were set for them, and also gauge them on how they are doing in comparison to their peers.

There are many ways that business intelligence dashboards can help a company save the planet, money and time, and also make the company more efficient.  In a short amount of time after implementation, a company will be able to see how the dashboards are making the company green in more ways than one.