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Last year, iDashboards created a visually rich basketball dashboard for fans to access the latest information on game scores and statistics during the NCAA basketball tournament. The response to that dashboard was so overwhelming that iDashboards has once again developed a tool to track the results of this year’s tournament.

The tournament dashboards can be found at the following URL: Fans with websites or blogs dedicated to the tournament are free to host a link to this dashboard tool for their audience.

iDashboards’ web-based tool presents game scores, as well as team statistics in easy-to-view charts and graphs which are updated after each game. Users can also view individual statistics of players using iDashboards’ unique interactive intelligence. There is also a link for each region showing the teams in that region and their corresponding regular season scores and team statistics.

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These dashboards bring a relatable event to life for those who may not understand the advantages of this type of business intelligence solution.

What can iDashboards build a dashboard for next? If you have an idea of an event you would like to see monitored using our dashboard solution, please feel free to let us know!

Amanda Fry, iDashboards