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In 2008, iDashboards launched an Olympics dashboard that tracked all of the medals earned by individual countries in the Beijing Summer Olympic Games. The response to the Summer Olympics dashboard was so overwhelming that the tradition continued by building dashboards for the 2008 Presidential Election and the 2009 NCAA March Madness Tournament. Building upon past success, iDashboards has once again developed a tool to track the results of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics dashboards can be found at the following URL: Fans with websites or blogs dedicated to the Olympics are free to host a link to this dashboard tool for their audience.

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The dashboards, which are updated daily, provide a summary of the day’s results and an interactive world map highlights participating countries and their corresponding medal tallies. The dashboards’ unique hover-and-click capabilities enable fans to drilldown through each country’s results by sporting event and individual athlete performance. For devoted Olympic followers, an additional dashboard provides even greater detail and the ability to compare results from across the globe with the help of graphic bar charts, speedometers, gauges, interactive country flags and medals.

These dashboards with mass appeal bring business intelligence to the general public who may not otherwise have a reason to interact with a dashboard.

What dashboard will iDashboards create next?

Stay tuned!

Renee Cassata, iDashboards


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