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Let me put it to you straight. I’m not talking about an ocean view or a magnificent city view from the corner office. This is in reference to a real-time view into the operations and performance of your organization.

An effective way to create such a view is to use the valuable real estate of an executive’s office wall by installing a decent size LCD to display scrolling performance dashboards that are updated every minute to show the live pulse of the organization.

You might ask – how is this different from giving access to the same dashboards through the PC or laptop of the executive? The answer to this requires acknowledging that there are way too many things on that laptop or desktop, and even more so, on the desk of an executive that competes for his/her attention – not to mention smart phones!

Displaying dashboards on an LCD that is front and center for the executive every time he/she walks into the office is a sure way to utilize that 1-minute attention span and convey the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to the organization. When this happens, you can bet that those metrics and KPIs will start looking better. This can be an inexpensive way to keep your senior executives focused on the important objectives of the company.

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Once you have had success with this, why stop there? There are many other strategic placements of LCDs to display live performance dashboards such as shop floors, warehouses, lobbies, cafeterias, conference rooms and call centers. The goal of this is to put the key goals and metrics of the organization in front of your workforce so they can retain focus even in the midst of all the distractions they face on a daily basis.

Shadan Malik
President & CEO, iDashboards


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