Company Announcements

As a first time blogger for iDashboards blog, I’m pleased to announce the launch of this service. Since 2003, iDashboards has worked with organizations to provide business intelligence (BI) dashboard solutions to better monitor various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Lately, our customers have requested that we establish a portal for shared learning and best practices. So, here it is!

This blog is envisioned to be a collaborative platform with contributed content. We invite you to share your comments, experience, success stories or failures, and lessons learned.

Feel free to post your comments to existing blog topics.  For suggestions on a new blog topic, please email Note that iDashboards reserves the right to reject any contributed content without explanation, and/or suitably modify the contributed content prior to approval. Also, by submitting a blog, you accept the usage Terms and Conditions posted on WordPress website.

Shadan Malik
President & CEO, iDashboards


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