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Advance your analytics and data reporting with iDashboards! With our powerful data visualization software, you can build dashboards that are sure to impress in a fraction of the time it takes to create traditional reports. Uncover and communicate the insights you need to move your department in the right direction. 

Collaborate across the whole organization by providing all business users, analysis, and executives with real-time access to your most important metrics. Let your dashboards guide the conversation and foster effective decision-making.

  • Create dynamic, interactive dashboard data reports
  • Blend data from Excel and other sources with the Data Hub
  • Build from hundreds of chart and graph templates
  • Dive further into data with drilldowns and Interactive Intelligence
  • Easily customize dashboards with drag-and-drop designer
  • Perform ad-hoc KPI analysis in real time
  • Receive alerts by email or mobile when metrics need attention
  • Share secure data reports internally, with clients, or publicly

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