Webinar How to let your data speak for itself



Many companies have several different methods for calculating the metrics that measure the success of their efforts, but a hodgepodge of reporting tools can make the analytical waters murky. In addition, any human pulling numbers will do so with their own biases. We all have the tendency to distort data in our favor, whether consciously or not. Even if these biases are unintentional, they can get in the way of collecting accurate data and conducting useful analysis. In short, it can compromise the success of your business.

It’s time to embrace analytical honesty. With tools like Dashboards, companies can now have a “single source of truth” to look to for Key Performance Indicators – an open and transparent source of information from which everyone can build and work.

Join iDashboards experts Carlos Scott and Jim Qussar as they discuss truth in data reporting and why it is so important to let the data speak for itself.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss three trends we hope to see carry more weight in the future:

  • Connections – More personal and personable for the audience
  • Truths – More accountability and transparency in data sources
  • Honesty – More understanding and authenticity in communication

You will also learn

  • How you can use Dashboards for more accurate data reporting (and why you should!)
  • Why it is so important to remain passionate about dispassionate data reporting
  • How to use your data to make more personal connections within and without your company

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