Webinar How to choose your charts


Data visualization is more than aesthetics; it’s about using the right charts and graphs to create a data narrative. Certain graphs are designed to fit specific types of data. The sheer volume of available charts may seem overwhelming, but picking the right one for individual metrics is a breeze if you’re armed with the right information. Generally speaking, the type of chart you choose depends on how you want to display your data set. Are you looking to show distribution, relationships, comparisons, or composition?

Join us as we explore the four central questions you can pose for your data, along with the best way to answer these questions with specific types of charts and graphs.

You’ll Learn

  • How to identify the 4 central questions you can pose to your data
  • The difference between relational, distribution, comparison, and composition charts
  • How the right graphs can amplify your data’s story
  • Which types of charts are best suited to your unique needs