Operations Management Dashboards

Dashboards for every level

Maintaining organization efficiency is a juggling act. A small hiccup here, a tiny delay there, and suddenly there’s big trouble across the ocean. There’s only one way to keep your arms around the big picture while keeping your eyes on the small details: a real-time dashboard. With iDashboards, you can easily create a custom dashboard that shows everything you need to know. And create a custom dashboard for the CEO. And one for the CFO. And the distribution manager. In fact, it’s so easy to create customized dashboards, you may want an operations dashboard for every key player. And it’s far better than waiting a week for an unintelligible spreadsheet.

Give your efficiency a boost


Quickly access all your data

Whatever data format you use, iDashboards can mix it, match it and use it to find correlations you never knew existed. iDashboards has over a dozen built-in connectors – with more to come – to accommodate popular data formats.


Easily create dashboards

You don’t need to be a programmer to use iDashboards. In fact, if you’ve ever used a program where you “click and drag” from one place to another, you’re well on your way. Like thousands of our customers, you’ll soon be building cool and custom dashboards with nothing but a little training and your own creativity!


Interact and discover insights

Our dashboards were built for interaction. With multiple drilldowns, real-time updating and dynamic customization, users are sure to benefit from the dashboard experience while discovering data relationships that make a real difference.

Click below to experience live dashboard examples.


The use of iDashboards will make company personnel more efficient and it will save them time to work on other tasks.

The cost savings of not having to manually calculate the statistics for multiple departments and third party vendor statistics was more than expected. Also, mapping to real-time databases reduces the chance of human error while manually calculating statistics, providing us with accurate and real-time statistics.

With iDashboards, you can easily create a dashboard to communicate these key metrics:

  • On-time deliveries
  • Product failures
  • Incident response times
  • Capacity utilization rate (CAR)
  • Process waste level
  • Order fulfillment cycle time
  • Deliver in full, on time (DIFOT) rate
  • Inventory shrinkage rate
  • Process or machine down time

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