Dashboards at every level.

Information Technology has become Information Overload. For many IT departments, each day sees a never-ending torrent of requests for spreadsheets, data analysis and dashboards. Not to mention the data you need to keep your own department running smoothly. Fortunately, iDashboards has the capabilities to pull data from myriad sources, correlate it, and allow you to display it in customizable graphs, charts and Infographics, making your job a whole lot easier. Maybe you’ve used a dashboard solution before. But never one that’s as easy to use as iDashboards.

Add this data specialist to your team.

Quickly access all your data

Whatever data format you use, iDashboards can mix it, match it and use it to find correlations you never knew existed. iDashboards has over a dozen built-in connectors – with more to come – to accommodate popular data formats.

Easily create dashboards

You don’t need to be a programmer to use iDashboards. In fact, if you’ve ever used a program where you “click and drag” from one place to another, you’re well on your way. Like thousands of our customers, you’ll soon be building cool and custom dashboards with nothing but a little training and your own creativity!

Interact and discover insights

Our dashboards were built for interaction. With multiple drilldowns, real-time updating and dynamic customization, users are sure to benefit from the dashboard experience while discovering data relationships that make a real difference.

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The iDashboards’ product is stable, gave us every feature imaginable and displays incredibly well. It sells itself.

iDashboards helped us construct our Performance Management Framework, including a wide package of out-of-the-box KPIs, charts and dashboards bringing increased value to our customers by allowing visibility, visualization and analysis of their mobile workforce management data. As a result, our customer are able to foster continuous improvement and more efficiently realize their objectives.

The iDashboards team was very cooperative, investing considerable time working with our technical staff to come up with the perfect solution for us.

With iDashboards, you can quickly create a dashboard for your IT department to track:

  • Network resource monitoring
  • Support ticket analysis
  • Alert to ticket ration
  • Security or regulatory monitoring
  • Service desk satisfaction
  • Project Management
  • Cost per incident/Ticket

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